Aimée Lyndon-Adams

Consciousness Leader, Visionary and Seer

Aimée channels the wisdom and healing energy of her 12 Ascended Master Guides, The Wise Beyond Wise, through her words and her hands.


She also shares purpose with her Guides: to assist Light Workers release any old wounding, outdated beliefs, imprinting and programming that blocks their ability to fulfill their own purpose and destiny and make their unique contribution to the world.  


Aimée and her guides bring through the healing power of love that is nurturing, purifying, comforting and supportive.  Because the guides can see you at a soul level, healing is customized specifically for you to meet your own level of evolutionary needs.  


This practical spirituality allows for the mind and the heart having equal balance and proportion, supports the release of patterns of over-giving, over-working and pushing to make things happen or holding back emotionally in fear of being hurt.

At this unprecedented time on earth, 

Aimée and her Guides are most interested in teaching and healing issues around:


Radically Redesigning Your Life        

Covid 19 has provided all of us with the reset opportunity we craved and asked for.  Now, is the time to examine what has been driving you and evaluate what price you have been paying in living your life at the effect of these unseen forces.  


Releasing “Enslavement Codes”        

Our cultural, parental, ancestral and fetal programming and imprinting promote workaholism and consumerism and instill in us a belief that we are flawed.  


Over-working dramatically increases our chances of having a stroke, decrease our mental health and stress shrinks the grey matter in the brain governing self-control – creating a vicious circle.


Raising Energetic Frequency 

The frequency of the 5th Dimension is Joy.


Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all on the Ascension Journey.  It’s the primary reason for our existence this lifetime: to assist in the raising of frequency on our beloved planet Earth out of suffering, struggle, separation, competition and corruption to collaboration, oneness, the sharing of all resources and reverence for all beings. 

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